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  • 园林景观设计对于园林苗木移栽注意事项
    来源:http://www.jnyhrs.com 浏览: 发布日期:2019-04-04
    一、 园林景观设计公司精耕细作
    I. Intensive cultivation of Landscape Design Company
    For intensive cultivation of soils, the land used for afforestation is often not a good ripe land, but also needs to stop deep ploughing, the depth of 40 cm to 50 cm, in order to loosen the soil, increase the ability of water storage and moisture conservation. Land preparation should be meticulous, and furrow planting request should be used to make furrows in order to facilitate irrigation, which is also comparable to beautiful.
    二、 园林景观设计公司树种的选择
    Selection of Tree Species in Landscape Design Company
    Consider the color, shape and style of the branches and leaves of trees to harmonize with the surroundings and beautify the environment. Consider not only the special functions of trees in anti-pollution, anti-poison and air purification, but also whether the species can adapt to the nature of soil, such as willow with strong moisture tolerance and wide cultivation. Poor soil can be planted elm, pine, cypress, bramble, Rhododendron and so on; thicker soil can be planted poplar, walnut, basswood and so on; saline-alkali land can stop improving soil exchange, planting Saline-Alkali-Tolerant tree species, such as seabuckthorn, elm, poplar, small-leaf poplar, etc., seedlings must be strong, disease-free and insect pests.
    3. Ways to Start a Seedling of Landscape Design Company
    1. Bare-root seedling method: This method is suitable for transplantation of most broad-leaved trees during dormancy. Its advantages are that the roots are well preserved, easy to operate, saving manpower and material resources, and convenient transportation.
    2. Soil ball seedling raising method: the survival rate of planting, but its construction cost is high. When large seedlings were transplanted, the diameter of common earth bulbs was 2-3 times that of plant head.
    4. Tree pruning in Landscape Design Company
    Generally speaking, the old and rotten roots of the plant should be cut off, the bare roots should be dipped in mud, then wrapped in wet grass and straw bags, and the withered yellow branches and leaves should be cut off before loading. The local stems should be cut off properly according to the sound level of the bulbs, so that they can be truncated, then separated, truncated and shaped to maximize their survival.
    Packing, Transportation and Planting of Trees in Landscape Design Company
    移植规格较大的带土球树木 胸径普通在10厘米~15厘米之间,或对宝贵难成活的树种要做好包装。可用草包、麻袋、尼龙袋等软质资料包装。在包装过程中,留意要把苗木根对根放在包装资料上,并在根间加潮湿物。当苗木的重量到达50公斤,将苗木卷成捆,用绳子捆住,捆时不要太紧,以利于通透空气。苗木的运输要疾速及时,防止风天运苗。运输途中坚持行车平稳,较长间隔运输时,中途停车应停在树荫下,且经常给苗木喷水;长间隔运输,大苗必需带土坨。苗木如不能及时定植,必需假植。假植时使苗向背风方向倾斜,用潮湿的土壤将苗木埋土并用脚踩实,埋土厚30厘米~40厘米。苗木在假植期间,应留意经常浇水、看守,普通针叶树采用全埋法,行将苗木全埋入土中;阔叶树普通埋全苗的2/3。
    Transplantation of large-sized earth-ball trees is usually between 10 cm and 15 cm in diameter at breast height, or the valuable and difficult-to-survive tree species should be well packaged. It can be packed with soft materials such as straw bags, hemp bags and nylon bags. In the packaging process, pay attention to the root-to-root of the seedlings on the packaging materials, and add moisture between the roots. When the weight of the seedlings reaches 50 kg, roll the seedlings into bundles and tie them with ropes. Do not tie them too tightly so as to facilitate air permeability. Transportation of seedlings should be prompt and timely to prevent the wind and weather from transporting seedlings. During the transportation, the traffic should be smooth. When the transportation is long, the midway parking should be under the shade of trees, and the seedlings are often sprayed with water. When the transportation is long, the seedlings must be carried with soil. If seedlings can not be planted in time, they must be planted in sham. When artificial planting, the seedlings are inclined to the leeward direction. The seedlings are buried in moist soil and pressed with their feet. The thickness of the buried soil is 30 cm to 40 cm. During the period of artificial planting, the seedlings should be watered and guarded regularly. Ordinary conifers should be buried completely in the soil by the method of full burial, and broadleaved trees should be buried 2/3 of the total seedlings.
    6. Tree Planting in Landscape Design Company
    The diameter of the pit should be 1/3 larger than the root width of the seedlings, and the sundries in the pit should be removed. Tree spacing should be determined by the use of trees, such as shelter forests with 2 m x 2 m; plant spacing as straight and symmetrical as possible; tree body vertical; Bare-rooted seedlings planting, buried to a certain depth, should be quietly upward pull seedlings, buried after watering; with earthball seedlings planting, must not smash earth balls.
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